You Are A Dark Day Rescuer

In dark times we will wish for better days. Blame may be projected to everyone else and some will take in its corrosive outcomes. The confused will worry and the doubtful will be empowered to remain the same. Dark times blur the possibility of resolve, makes foggy the next step and weighs heavy on the hearts of hope. But dark times lack an armor of patience and is not strong enough to withstand those that stand against it. This power, this unyielding power, was forged in us all. Complicated to see and unimaginable to imagine, however, this power doesn't solely survive on your belief of it, but your willingness to use it at the right time.    

Even though dark times may not be at your door, they knock loudly at the ones with a weak home. So bend your ears to those calling for help. Your help. It's because you have the power that can do more than just fight your dark times. You bring a powerful ray of change that pierces the ongoing storm of someone else.  

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